“A fresh new talent on the contemporary jazz scene, Antonio Jackson brings his great horn tone and skills on soprano sax to the format with his debut single, “Ignition”. Now residing in the Phoenix area, Antonio’s playing is a bit reminiscent of George Howard and Grover Washington, Jr. The song has a bouncy and melodic flow highlighted by Antonio’s smooth soprano playing. Thanks for giving this excellent player a listen.”

~ RONALD HOLLOWAY (Smooth Groove Radio The Vibe)

“Celebrating his tenth year as a recording artist, well-traveled Minneapolis born soprano saxophonist Antonio Jackson’s SIMPLICITY gracefully delivers what its title promises: a pure, soulful, gently grooving soundtrack that lands on the chillout side of the jazz spectrum. Throughout his lengthy career, Jackson has funked it up for everyone from Chaka Khan and Average White Band to Run DMC and currently supporting Twin Cities soul great Alexander O’Neal. His own artist vibe – illustrated beautifully via the sensual flow of this collection – is all about sultry ambience, intimacy, slo-jamming and dreamy, old school R&B romance.”~

“Antonio Jackson is a Terrific, Evocative Instrumentalist”

“Onstage, the gospel-influenced Jackson plays with the intensity of a man bearing witness”

“Antonio Jackson is a preternatural melody man. Beneath the accessible — you might even say smooth — surface of his sunny compositions lurk the chops of a gifted straight-ahead player and an appreciation of structure that keeps the music from noodling”


AJ SITE-ICON-Antonio-Jackson

“Antonio, This is Rita… I had to take a moment and tell you how much we are enjoying your cd. It’s been years since I purchased a cd and liked every track on it , but I’d never purchased a cd and loved every track on it until I listened to yours. It’s hot, it’s sexy, it’s clever and it raptures the soul and it’s earned a place with my other timeless pieces. Your talent is a gift to the world! I’ve got to get more to give as gifts.” ~

AJ SITE-ICON-Antonio-Jackson

“Hi Antonio: I just wanted to say that your performance in Santa Monica was wonderful. Thank you for you gift of music to enlighten the souls of those in need of peace.  Please keep me and other faithful listeners informed of your whereabouts. Jazz it up more.”

AJ SITE-ICON-Antonio-Jackson

“Antonio,  I wanted to first thank you for the cd.  It is amazing and I would have no doubt that if you barged into 94.7 or 103.5 and forced them to play this their phones would light up with requests to find out where they could find it and who the musician was.  It is very smooth, soft but heavy bass and seems to be mixed with a sort of cosmic vibe.”

David Rolbin,
AJ SITE-ICON-Antonio-Jackson

“Hi Antonio – it’s Debra from Seattle here. My niece, Kelsey, and I met you while you were performing in California. Just wanted to drop you a note, thank you for the CD and the wonderfully magical evening. You are a beautiful performer, much more than a musician, it that makes sense. Hope all is well, and you’re enjoying the last remnants of summer.”

AJ SITE-ICON-Antonio-Jackson

Hi Antonio,
“Well guy, just sending you a quick message to let you know that I got to listen to the cd i bought from you back in Santa Monica.. Let me tell you, that i love it….Your absolutely great! There is no doubt you are gonna make it… all i have to say now is Kenny G—–watch out, theres a new kid on the block! lol.
Well guy the best of luck and congrats on your upcoming events!”

AJ SITE-ICON-Antonio-Jackson

“I’d like to thank you for the CD I bought from you… I’m the bald headed older guy with the good looking blond on my arm… We enjoyed your music over and over again all the way home to San Diego (very relaxing). I look forward to being one of your fans for life. Thanks again for touching our souls with great sounds you are a very classy gentleman.”

AJ SITE-ICON-Antonio-Jackson

“Antonio: My name is Wes. My son and I had the pleasure of meeting you. We bought one of your CD’s and have enjoyed it very much. I don’t listen to much Jazz but I appreciate your music and your humility. As a man humility is very important as we are directed to be humble or be humiliated. May god continue to bless you in all that you do Antonio. Remember to “keep your hands open so God can put more blessings in there” you are blessed with the gift of music may it touch many!

AJ SITE-ICON-Antonio-Jackson

“Just wanted you to know that I think you are very talented and you have a good vibe.  I listened to your CD this morning on the way to work and it was the bomb 🙂  You really are awesome!!!

LaChelle, Th Bomb!
AJ SITE-ICON-Antonio-Jackson

“I met you in Santa Monica (the day before I flew back home to Melbourne Australia for some much worse weather). I purchased your album Suite Grooves Remixed and have been listening to it non-stop, love it!”

George F.,
AJ SITE-ICON-Antonio-Jackson

“Hi Antonio, I would like to let you know that your performance some time ago was incredible, and quite inspiring. I purchased one of your CDs back then, I was wondering if there was anyway I could purchase more of your music from you now. Please let me know when you get a chance, have a great day!”

AJ SITE-ICON-Antonio-Jackson

“I’m from NJ and first heard you play, so I bought your CD and BLAST IT ALL THE WAY DOWN THE FREEWAY!!  It is awesome!  (I wanted to turn around and come back, but traffic would not allow!  I’ve enjoyed LA so much, that I’ve decided to extend my stay for another month and I would love to hear you perform live again. I’ve told everyone I’ve come in contact with about your CD and even wrote home with links to your website.  YOU ARE TRULY GIFTED!!”

AJ SITE-ICON-Antonio-Jackson

“Brotha, not sure if you’ll remember me, however I caught the very end of ur show by chance. U followed it up with “Your Sweetness” for me and the gentleman that I was with! May the Creator guide and Bestow his mercy on you throughout your journey  …Still enjoying and vibing to the CD! i was very pleased to hear that it sounds almost as good as u do in person…very satisfying.”

Queen Karima,
AJ SITE-ICON-Antonio-Jackson

“Dear Antonio: We are thoroughly enjoying your CD …  God definitely blessed you with tremendous musical talent. We (Grace & Rachel) enjoyed meeting you.  Your instrumental numbers touch the hearts of many.  It was fun to talk with you about …  the soprano sax, tenor sax, Israel Houghton, etc. May the Lord continue to bless your career, as you serve Him faithfully.

The Barone Family,