This was a show that the audience will never forget! 

Playing at De Montfort Hall in Leicester, United Kingdom, offers performers a prestigious and historic venue known for its grand architecture and excellent acoustics. This iconic concert hall, which has hosted a wide range of artists and events since its opening in 1913, provides an elegant and memorable setting for both performers and audiences.

Yet another fantastic showcase by the legendary Alexander O’Neal.

Visiting Leicester, United Kingdom, presents an opportunity to explore a city rich in history and cultural diversity. Highlights include the King Richard III Visitor Centre, showcasing the discovery of the king’s remains, and the National Space Centre, offering interactive exhibits on space science. With its vibrant market, diverse dining scene, and numerous festivals, Leicester offers a dynamic and engaging experience for visitors.

Overall, traveling to the United Kingdom on Alexander O’Neal’s Farewell Tour has been a wonderful and incredible experience! Tonight’s Show was yet another fantastic showcase of a legendary performance by Alexander O’Neal and an amazing performance by a collection of musicians and vocalists that will blow your socks off!

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